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3rd controller to randomly die in 6 months without any physical damage!?!?!

Level 2
I'm at my wits end on this damn thing.. 

- Right Quest 1 controller stopped tracking and got stuck in mid-air roughly 2 months after I purchased my Quest 1. It took 2 months for me to get a replacement via support. 

- Left Controller on my Quest 2 completely died  - stopped turning on entirely. Leaving the battery out overnight, I was able to bring it back for a couple minute (enough to unpair and pair it again) for it to die again and definitively. This happened less than 2 months in and I'm now in the process of waiting for a replacement, it's been 3 weeks.

- While waiting for my replacement Quest 2 controller, I went back to my Quest 1. Well.. today, my left Quest 1 controller got stuck constantly vibrating. Nothing stops it besides turning off the headset - new batteries, unpair, re-pair, reboot, factory reset.. nada. It tracks well but obviously is useless as it's stuck on full vibration non stop (adjusting the slider does nothing for haptic). Can't believe I'll have to start the whole process a third time. 

Of note, not once were any of these dropped or hit anything - AT ALL. Following the premature death of my first controller I've been paranoid about these damn things. They all looked and felt brand new when shipped over.  I'm the sole user, they are stored on a shelf away from any imaginable danger, I'm using brand name batteries and play on average 30 minutes to an hours a day of mostly fitness related apps.

Level 2
Did you ask for a replacement? I have the same issue with one of the Quest 2 controllers - it seems to be connected as it shows the battery around 70% but it's not visible in headset.