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4 months of use and the plastic breaks

Level 2


 It has only been 4 months and the plastic that holds the strap going over the top of the head snaps off with no hesitation, sent a support ticket on this, (2485292), and I'm yet to receive a response validating my warranty and what options there are. Ideally, a replacement if possible. 


Level 2

i might just give up with oculus at this point

I'm at that point, They agreed to replace my q2 for battery degradation,, down to 1hr30 after 4months, 

Sent it off to the Czech Republic, took a week to get there, received 09/03/21, it's now 30/03/21 and oculus support no longer respond to my emails or tickets asking for a reason for delay or refund, been without my headset for a month now, spent hundreds on software and q1 generated sales for them, they just ignore me now, so yeah feel like quitting vr