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9 Weeks and 1 Day

Level 4

...since Oculus support received my headset for a warranty replacement, that stated a 3 day turn around. 


Still not received any information. 


Rather than a reply that says, "soon" or "Thanks for your patience"


Can I have a replacement unit please? 


Ticket No - 3575945


Level 4

9 Weeks and 2 days without a repair/replacement from Oculus. 

How about some sort of resolution today? 

I've spent too long today replying and sharing the same experiences with other customers. At least you got a step closer in that oculus have received your faulty item. They have had me contact them weekly and they still won't send return labels because there is a mysterious issue with the "send labels" button. It's been a month so far. Check my name and view my posts for more detail. The chats are rife with so many people saying the same thing.

Take your unit back to your retailer to replace. 

Or buy a new one from oculos and return the faulty one. Go through a chargeback process if any issues. 

I'll update tomorrow and see if oculos support can help again.