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APP SHARING : 3 headsets : Quest 2

Hello Fellow VR'ers, 

I purchased my Quest 2 a few months ago and absolutely LOVE it!  So much so, I bought another one for my son (19).  After some initial setups, we were able to app share together no problem.   Works likes a charm!


Now my Daughter bought one (22) and wants to app share as well.  (She has not set it up yet).  I believe I can a 3rd person to my account and share., is that correct? (up to 3?) . Can 3 separate headsets be used to App share?  Nothing online really spoke to being able to share with 3 headsets.   If so, is it the same process?  Look forward to your guidance,



Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hey ZombieEngineerz8, 


We're so glad to hear our legendary VR family is expanding, welcome! 


You're in luck, you can add up to thee additional accounts on your device. Please refer to this Oculus Support article here to learn more about multiple accounts. 



We'll provide you with information on how to Add additional accounts on Oculus Quest 2 , in the case you need a refresher. 



If after attempting the steps, you aren't able to add the third account, please open an Oculus Support ticket for additional troubleshooting assistance. 



Happy Spooky Season. 🧟‍:male_sign:🧟‍:male_sign:🧟‍:female_sign:

Dear OculusSupport, 

Your answer is incorrect. You can only app share between 2 headsets not 3. I know this because I also purchased a 2nd and 3rd headset for my kids this Christmas. I came here to this forum and saw your reply before I forked over the $600+ dollars to get the 2 headsets as I wanted to make sure I can share my multiplayer apps with my family. Now I have to return the headsets because we can only share with 2 (not 3) headsets! If you re-read the original post you will clearly see that the poster asked, "Can 3 separate headsets be used to App share?" Can I open a tech support ticket to fix this?  

Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hello, thanks for your inquiry! We noticed your question regarding app sharing. App sharing is a pretty cool feature to experience between gamers! 🙂 Yes, the previous response is correct. App share is available between 2 headsets. 


For more details on app sharing, you may click here to review the article.


Let us know if you need assistance with anything else. 🙂 

🤔Question: Why cant I share my games with a 3rd headset? I want to play with my Son and Daughter (and perhaps my wife in the future). You are forcing me to purchase a game 2 or 3 times. This does not seem like a family friendly model from Oculus. In fact, because of this I guess I will be returning the 2 headsets purchased this Christmas. Oculus has given me a false perception and has marketed to consumers that it is possible to share apps (but conveniently left out this little detail). I thought META wanted to expand in this market where an entire family can share in the experiences together.


Oculus should clearly state:

NOTE: You can only share apps with 2 headsets per family! 


You should also change your marketing tags for META:  The metaverse will be social (but for only 2 of your household members at a time!)😡

Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hello The_Matrix, thanks for your feedback. We did not mean to upset you or cause confusion. At Oculus, we want our customers to know that their needs and concerns are important to us. With that said, although app sharing is available only between 2 headsets, you do have the ability to add multiple accounts.


To learn more about multiple accounts, please click here


Let us know if you need anything else. 🙂

Level 3

Thanks Oculus Support,


I can appreciate your position as this is all you have to work with for now. However, what you are saying is I have to do the following:

  1. Return 1 of the 2 headsets I purchased as Christmas presents for my kids. 
  2. Add 2 new multiple account members (my kids) to the headset I will keep.
  3. Only be able to play with one kid at a time with app sharing.
  4. Tell the kid that cannot play that this is Oculus's fault and not mine.
  5. Try to stop the kids from fighting over the single headset to play a fun VR game with dad.
  6. Lock the door to the room we are playing in so the left out kid does not get mad hearing the fun he/she is missing. 

This seems like a problem that Oculus should fix to allow the apps to be shared over the 3 sub accounts. This will create more peace and love in the world. And stop the hatred and jealousy other multiple account members have currently as they are fighting over the 1 headset they can use with app sharing.

Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hello, thanks for reaching back out. Just want to make it clear that we are not recommending or asking you to do any of the suggestions you just mentioned. We are just simply trying to address your concerns and educate you on what our options currently are pertaining to this matter. We are always open to feedback to help improve our products in the future. 


Your voice does matter to us. To ensure that your voice gets heard, you may click the following link to list your ideas and/or suggestions. 🙂