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ASW Disabled, reason: 'OVR Error: Code: -3000

Level 2
Tried enabling ASW, and get this error in the service(date).txt log

07/10 19:49:07.378 {DEBUG}   [ASW:NV_FrameEstimator] Encoder caps ASYNC=1 MEONLY=0
07/10 19:49:07.400 {INFO}    [VirtualDisplay] ASW Disabled, reason: 'OVR Error: Code: -3000 -- ovrError_Initialize System error: 8 (8) -- Not enough storage is available to process this command. Description: Encode Session Initialization failed OVRTime: 950.366826 Time: 2016-10-07 19:49:07 [386:433:400]'
07/10 19:49:07.400 {INFO}    [VirtualDisplay] Initializing compositor in ATW mode.

I'm running Win 10 64bit (not anniversary)
75GB free on System drive
30GB free on my Oculus install drive.

Anyone else having problems enabling ASW ?

Level 5
Yep. same error. i am on a DK2 though so no idea if it even should work lol

Level 3
Same error here.
GeForce 770 GTX 4GB.
25GB free on system/Oculus drive.

I think this may be connected to GeForce 7xx series cards. Even though they're DX12 compatible and equivalently powerful to a 960, so there's no technical reason why it shouldn't work.

Can anyone with a GeForce 7 series confirm they have ASW working?

Level 5
i was beginning to lean towards solid state system drives.. do we have that in common too?

Level 2
Yup both my drives are SSD

Level 7
well just to rub it in, I only have SSD drives in my rig, and ASW works fine no error from the logs.  although my system SSD drive is a Samsung Pro 950 512GB (400GB free) NVMe.  And my other SSDs are in RAID0 (1.5TB w/ 960GB Free)

Maybe you guys just not have enough space... like it say in the log.  
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Level 5
75 Gig on my SSD and just under a terrabyte on my 2nd sata.. if thats not enough then some mischief is afoot! 

Level 5
As previously mentioned can anyone confirm that a 7xx series card works with this?

Level 13

Bagnet said:

75 Gig on my SSD and just under a terrabyte on my 2nd sata.. if thats not enough then some mischief is afoot! 

That would be ridiculous wouldn't it.  Imagine the specs actually saying

1 TB of free HD space for Virtual Memory. 


Level 5
ok found some confirmation on reddit that this is a 7xx series problem. A user there had it working for 20 minutes then it stopped. hasn't been able to run it since. No one else with a 7 card has been able to get it going at all. Since this is a generation behind the supported cards i am not holding my breath for a fix! even though in most respects a 780GTX is on par or better than a 970!