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ASW causing massive judder

Level 3
SO I've been having issues with getting judder for the last several months, mainly while playing elite dangerous, but also whenever going to the oculus menus. Recently it's started with pretty much any game. The frame rate isn't dropping, but the display looks like it's running at about 4 frames a second. Turning ASW off with the tray tool stops the issue, but then I don't have ASW helping out as it should. My pc is an aging beast, i5 4590 and a gtx 980 but the problem doesn't seem to correlate with performance drops, I can be getting 90 fps and have the problem, I can be running below 45 fps and have a reasonably smooth experience, but the problem only happens when I have ASW set to auto, or if I'm not running the try tool at all which I assume also puts it on auto.

I'm not sure if it has something to do with tracking as the games seem to run smoothly if I keep my head dead still, but as soon as I start looking around it jumps around in a shocking fashion, making the rift unusable.

Is there any solution to this (other than the obvious upgrade route, the budget doesn't have the love for that for a while.

Level 13

If I
switch it off completely, I get doublepicture when doing a roll (fast
moving) coming from the scenery (not when a plane flies by). Neither of the settings give a good experience.

That sounds like screen tearing to me - something like this?
Image result for screen tearing

That usally cause by the fact its not sync correctly - again possible you are drop frame in between draw when you do these fast rolls - so it might be a setting/performance issue in your case. If there is a way to turn on your video card sync - I would try that and see if that helps. Other wise - your best bet is you might just have to live with it for a while.

Not sure if it is possible-  might take a screenshot

Level 2
is it possible to take a screenshot of the Rift? Hm, can you please tell me how? 🙂

yes, it is looking very similar, tearing is a better word for it.

Do you mean V-Sync?

Level 2
just tried a few things in the sim (offline gameplay) now, having oculus debug tool performance monitor running too. The Framerate is at stable 90FPS, suddenly goes to 45 (with ASW OFF!) although there is no change on the screen and jumps back to 90FPS. Most time it runs with 90FPS.

If I go online Framerate is jumping around, never reaching 90FPS and I get those blurry pictures. Why this is only happening online -> NO IDEA! This might be no oculusproblem, this is a bad implementation of multiplayer, which seems to be a resource hog...

So the only thing I bought the rift for is "gone" for me. And the best thing about it is, that I upgraded my whole PC for €1200 getting this shi... gameplay and trying to solve this issue!

Thats really how you push the $$$

Level 13
Well you could report your findings to the game company and see if they have any tricks or fixes for you. I understand how frustrating that can be, but don't give up hope. I am sure there are other games and software that matches that style and game play. Its possible - not likely - that its your CPU as well or network issue as far as your local network (wireless vs cable) or bad modem/router.

Level 2
CPU upgraded today. No change!
posted a lot of things at the game company and opened a ticket a few days ago.
Tested different NICS, different router, direct attached.

Unbelievable! Your words about the "network issue" made me think about thinks again.
1.) Offline it is working pretty good
2.) Online it breaks down (FPS drop as hell)

So I decided to try different drivers for my NIC (Intel). I cannot believe it -> Not it is running @90FPS online!

Thank you man, for "brainstorming"


EDIT2: One server which never worked runs now at 90FPS, anotherone is making same troubles.... 45FPS.

This is no riftproblem, I think.