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ASW judder, Flight Simulator 2020 performance issues, 18hz, 30hz, 45hz, Oculus Link,

Level 3

Hey, I'm having ASW problems that are driving me crazy.  I'm running a Quest 2, on a Ryzen 5 5600x, Radeon 6700xt, 16gigs ram, over a USB 3.0 cable getting 2.3gbps.


I'm trying to get smooth performance in Microsoft Flight Simulator.  If I turn off ASW, I get ~50fps.  It should run perfectly smoothly with ASW running 36fps, right?  Well turning on ASW to "auto" or "45hz", framerate hovers between 33-36fps, with TONS of stuttering...  Rather than smoothing the experience, ASW seems to tank my fps.


A buddy of mine runs Flight Simulator on his Rift S with ASW turned to 18hz, and he says that's buttery smooth.  18hz is an unplayable mess with my setup though, bouncing between 13-15fps.  Trying less demanding games like Lucky's Tale or First Contact, 18hz and 30hz modes are a stuttery mess, but "auto" and 45hz are smooth.  It doesn't seem to be a system resources issue...  it seems to be very incorrect frame-pacing.  My rig is able to run most games at the full 72fps, so it only really matters on Flight Simulator.


Any ideas for getting smoother performance with ASW on flight simulator?


Level 3

I'm curios if you have notified support regarding this? If you have, what was their response? 


 Myself and dozens of others are having these stuttering issues, where before the last three MSFS updates, the performance was phenomenal! I feel that Oculus updates are not keeping up with the MSFS updates.