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ASW judder, Flight Simulator 2020 performance issues, 18hz, 30hz, 45hz, Oculus Link,

Level 3

Hey, I'm having ASW problems that are driving me crazy.  I'm running a Quest 2, on a Ryzen 5 5600x, Radeon 6700xt, 16gigs ram, over a USB 3.0 cable getting 2.3gbps.


I'm trying to get smooth performance in Microsoft Flight Simulator.  If I turn off ASW, I get ~50fps.  It should run perfectly smoothly with ASW running 36fps, right?  Well turning on ASW to "auto" or "45hz", framerate hovers between 33-36fps, with TONS of stuttering...  Rather than smoothing the experience, ASW seems to tank my fps.


A buddy of mine runs Flight Simulator on his Rift S with ASW turned to 18hz, and he says that's buttery smooth.  18hz is an unplayable mess with my setup though, bouncing between 13-15fps.  Trying less demanding games like Lucky's Tale or First Contact, 18hz and 30hz modes are a stuttery mess, but "auto" and 45hz are smooth.  It doesn't seem to be a system resources issue...  it seems to be very incorrect frame-pacing.  My rig is able to run most games at the full 72fps, so it only really matters on Flight Simulator.


Any ideas for getting smoother performance with ASW on flight simulator?