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Absolutely loosing my mind here. Horrible experience HELP Quest 2

Level 2

So, I got an Oculus Quest at the first January. I have yet to be able to fly one smooth good game. I have read article after article, and did probably literally hundreds of settings and configuration. Used Steam VR, Used just through Oculus Link app, went through both of them. Used Windows Mixed Reality OpenXR Runtime and the debug tool and the Oculus tool tray. Still disappointment and heart ache. I have even upgraded my PC to I7-10700K , RTX 3070 with 32GB of ram on a Z490 pro A. And still cannot play one single good game. Flickering, tearing lines, shanking view, lagging, running slow ect. I have know the Oculus is ok because I use it on War Thunder with no issues at all. Does anyone have a Settings config or app configure I could use to run MSFS with Oculus Q2 the way my system is designed for? Like handed down from god sort of Because I'm about to preform undo stress testing on my equipment :laughing:

System :
RTX 3070
32Gb DDr4 3200
MSI Z940 pro A motherboard

Thanks, Wayne


Level 2

I am there with you Wayne. I tried rolling back Beta, changing setting in Oculus tray tool, turning off ASW, lowering settings and still have this nauseating flashing. It’s horrible and getting me sick. In 2d my system is smooth, running a Ryzen 7 3800X/3080 FE/32 GB getting about 62-65 FPS but when I am in VR it’s pathetic. Thinking on saving up for the Reverb G2 if this continues. 

Yeah the flashing is the worst, when its dialed in running smooth the **bleep** flashing starts. If you go 90Hz 1.6 it works well then goes to hell all of a suddenly. LOL. Yeah if the G2 works and works right ill sale this boat anchor and get one.