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Adding my voice - Left Controller no longer working right - WTF FB

Level 2

As of about 2 months ago my left controller started randomly backing up. Apparently this is a widespread issue. No issue there, the controller is about 2 years old so I figured I would order a replacement. Now I see that not only is the left controller not working for many, many people but replacements are not available and Facebook is blowing us off. My overall experience with Oculus since FB purchased it has been increasingly dismal. Please tell me there is a solution to this that does not leave me seeking another solution. I will be buying a different headset soon and will never come back if this is not resolved.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there Abraxasz! We see you are having issues with your left controller. We know how frustrating that can be and we are here to help you!


Let' start with some troubleshooting. To avoid any redundancy, do you mind telling us what have you tried so far? 


We look forward to getting you back in the game!

It is probably due to dust in the thumb controller contacts so I have trued to blow it out with my breath and canned air. Also reset based on the battery.
It always moves backwards, to stop it I have to play with the thumbstick and also sometimes the angle of the controller. Its barely usable. I am not interested in spending hours on end troubleshooting a cheap $60 controller and I do not want to send it in for repair over a month or so. I just want to spend money and buy a replacement at a reasonable price...
If there is a fix or you know where I can buy your product from someone other than a scammer please let me know.