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Additional Sensor USB 2.0 cable not working

Level 8
The USB 2.0 cable that came with the additional sensor I ordered does not work. I have tested it both with a sensor and with other USB devices I have and in different ports on my PC. Everything I plug into it eventually comes up as as an unrecognised USB device after windows has thought about it for 30 seconds or so.

Fortunately I have a spare active USB 3.0 cable that I plug into a USB 2.0 slot that works just fine with the sensor. So I have a working 3rd sensor. All is not lost.

It just means that I'm stuck with a duff cable, that part of me can't help but think has been factored into the cost of the additional sensor that I've paid for. I don't know, maybe the cost of the cable is negligible all things considered, then again maybe not.

Is it worth me trying to get it RMA'd without having to send back the whole sensor etc? Since I have a working cable for it of my own and don't really need a replacement cable, could I just get a small credit note for it, if only for a £fiver to use on the Oculus Store? Or should I just consign it to the bin and write it off as a small loss?

Level 9
Personally I wouldn't bother myself. (I am using cheap passive USB3.0 extensions from ebay which work great and must sure have 5+ cables over here).

In your case, there is still a chance the cable might work for SOMETHING, otherwise just toss and get one for $2.50 or so from ebay. SOME of this **** simply doesn't work, for reasons beyond logic...

Totally not-really related:
I am using an e-cig which needs a simple USB2.0 -> micro USB connection, simply for charging, nothing more. Where common sense says it's a standard thing. I have two OLD cables which work fine to charge my e-cigs. So I want replacements. In the last month alone, I went through SIX of these stupid things from the ******* dollar store. All SIX of them (two different brands) didn't work AT ALL. They look the same as the ones I have which work, but don't charge a thing. You know, these standard cables where you connect a Kindle or whatever. Needless to say they also don't recognize my Kindle. Everything is an "unknown device" and the cables are 100% and utterly worthless.

Level 12
Raise a ticket.
Get a replacement.
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