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After new update, right eye in headset stopped working. Only left eye works!

Level 2
I've tried reinstalling the oculus software, unplugging and replugging in the hdmi, I'm not using any adapters or anything, just straight into the gpu. HELP D Left eye is the only one that works.

Level 3
Same issue here on 2 headsets. I ordered another headset but now after reading this thread I'm not hopeful. Both my other headsets died right after the update. Tried uninstalling reinstalling but then after you reinstall the update installs. Even tried on a second PC. 

Level 2
This is the exact same here as well 

Level 15
"After new update, right eye in headset stopped working."

Strange, I have not noticed any changes!

Image result for pirate one eye caribbean

(Sorry for the bad joke - I could not help it :blush: I'm confident Oculus will get it fixed asap)

Valve Index & Oculus Rift CV1, Asus Strix OC RTX™ 3090, i9-10900K (5.3Ghz), 32GB 3200MHz, 8TB
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Level 2
Any fix here? I'm having the same problem... Would be nice if Occulus support were to comment on these threads..

Level 11
I gave my old CV1 to my brother and he's having this issue. The right eye is now dead. Was the issue resolved for all the users on this thread who reported the issue? 
i7 9700k 3090 rtx   CV1, Rift-S, Index, G2

Level 2
It is telling me my USB drivers are out of date:
"USB driver update recommended"

My right eye display is also not turning on.
Thing's I have already done:
- Rebooted my pc.
- Swapped to different HDMI ports.
- Swapped to different USB ports.
- Reinstalled Oculus
- Lowered my version of Graphic Drivers
- Re-installed Nvidia GeForce
- Re-installed latest graphic drivers
- Unplugged the HDMI from the headset
- Replugged the HDMI to the headset
- Reinstalled USB drivers.
- Messed a bit with the debug settings

Extra Notes:
- Launching Steam VR or any other 3rd party sources to not re-light the display.
- The Left display is working fine as well as tracking smoothly.
- Controllers are fine

When it stopped working:
- I was launching a game from the Oculus Store and it suddenly stopped working. When I went to reboot, the display just was not working.
What I was doing.
- I was running VRChat while running OBS + Using the Oculus desktop Overlay.
Apps I was running may include: VRChat through Oculus, Discord, OBS, Chrome, Firefox
My Desktop Specs:
- 3 Sensors
- RTX 2080 super
- AMD Ryzen 7 1700x Eight-Core Processor at 3.5ghz (OC turned off)
- 40gb Ram
- 1x 1tb M.2 & 3x 2tb SSD

I have sent this as a ticket and will be waiting for a response

Level 7
I was having the occasional eye drop out whenever a game transitioned to a very bright / all white scene. Eventually, I learned it had to do with my 5m ATEN active USB extension cable. If I remove it, and go with an inactive 2m USB3.0 extension or an alternate active usb extension, I am unable to replicate it going black (it works as intended, both eyes). If you are running an extension, try going direct to the mobo/usb card. Also, if you think it's a driver issue roll back to version 16. I'm on 16 and have blocked all further Oculus updates. I'm CV1, 4 sensor. 

Level 2
did anyone get this resolved? both eye's on my Rift S headset dropped out yesterday and I have had no luck getting them back on. Blue light connection light on, white light on when not on my head, off when the sensor is covered up. small clicks coming from the speakers while waiting patiently for the display to turn on.

re-booted (several times)
check all drivers for updates
un-installed/re-installed oculus software
unplugged/plugged back in all cables
used the troubleshooting guide to take apart, blow out with air, re-assemble.

please help!