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Air Link Oculus App not workin claiming it doesnt support my hardware

hey developers im here today to talk about an issue i have and right now i was using air link just fine until today but then today all of a sudden it stopped workin and it says now my hardware isnt supported by oculus but i have all the right hardware so i went on support and talk with them and @Maria r told me while i was talkin to her it is becus of your windows version and so right now idk how i can downgrade cus i have had windows 11 since tey were givin it out on the insiders program and right now im not sure on waht to do cus i am a content creator and this is my first time ever on vr and i was tryin to create a video of me playin no mans sky vr and it was workin fine until today all of a suden and right now i wanted to suggest and know when will you have windows 11 can yu add it quick cus i wana get bac to recordin and idk how i can with the app acting like this so pls if yu can i wuld like tat to happen cus idk how to do tis and im a 22 yr old adult  with adhd whos lookin to play