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Air Link - Virtual Desktop showing black screen

Level 3

Able to get Air link on V28, after launching Air link, all is good except I cannot see my desktop on Virtual Desktop, showing black screen. When I use VD apps all is ok, is there any additional setup I need to do to have my laptop appear on Air Link virtual desktop?


Level 3

OculusScreenshot1619518991.jpegYeah some reason the airlink works but when i wanna see desktop threw oculus its not working. Just a yellow oval box yellow with a exclamation mark in the center. It was working right after launch. Rest of the airlink works fine.

Please refer below post as he provided guide how to resolved this issue..

mine working fine now..

Thanks a lot Sir, now I am able to get all works on my OQ2.... 


I have this issue on my laptop (GL75 Leopard). The odd thing is it does not do this on my desktop. This is with the Virtual desktop app thru the Oculus store. The only programs listed in the desktop under 'Graphics Performance preference are:


DCS - High Perf.

Microsoft Flight Simulator - High Perf.

Prepar3D.exe - High Perf

VR Dashboard - Let Windows Decide


I'll give this a try and report back. Both systems are running the current beta versions of the Oculus software (clean installs) and the headset also had a factory reset. I'm using the following cable...


Cable reports USB connection speeds as 1.6Gbps on desktop and 2.5Gbps on laptop.


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