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Air Link Won't Work.

Level 2

Hello everyone. I have recently purchased a Quest 2 with the intention of using it both as a standalone system and with my computer, using Air Link. However Air Link will not work for me. I have tried for multiple hours, I have uninstalled Oculus from my computer, and reinstalled it, I have opened firewalls relating to Oculus, and a few other solutions to no avail. My Quest 2 says its not connected on the computer but says it is in the app on my phone. My computer has no onboard Wi-Fi card but is plugged into the switch that is connected to the router via ethernet, the Quest 2 is connected to the router via 5GHz. When I use the Quest 2, I can pair it to the the computer, but cannot press Launch as it is greyed out. I would be grateful to anyone who can offer a solution, thank you.