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Air Link is a slideshow

Level 2

I am trying to try out Air Link and it is effectively unusable. It starts up, but the Oculus Home is a slideshow (like 2-3 second latency) and it is only rendering a small portion of the environment. Even a slow head turn results in a black void until things re-render (every 2-3 seconds) Controller tracking again has a 2-3 second latency.


I have a 9700K, an RTX 2080, and a dedicated AX router with my PC hardwired, so I'm NOT under-spec.


Virtual; Desktop works flawlessly.


Level 12

open debug tool, set all values back to defualt "0" in encode fields.

Level 2

Adjust the res rate in the oculus home debug tool fixed everyhting for me as Link in general was my most unfavorite thing on the planet before i found it  support assistance is just a myth btw