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Air Link

Level 4

Hi all! I am using the Oculus Quest 2 and am trying to get Air Link to work. I have it on the PC App and the Quest. Whenever I connect to my PC, the Oculus app shows it has connected, but the Quest had 3 dots and then goes back to the home screen (normal Quest home screen). My PC (while the 3 dots are up) gets a notification about 2-4 times saying 'We can't find your headset.' I also get a notification saying, 'Oculus isn't working properly.' All in this time, the Oculus app still says the Quest is connected to the PC. What should I do? Also yes, the, 'We can't find your headset.' DOES happen while this is going on. Same for, 'Oculus Link has stopped working.'


Level 3

Switched from GTX 770 to GTX 1650 S - now it's working fine.

Level 2

Just bought Quest 2. To test wired link, is the £80 cable needed or will a standard USB 3 one work? Anyone got it working and using dual screen?

This is so frustrating

Further to that, just noticed that on the PC software, devices page, the headset is shown as connected but the left/right touch are "off". On clicking "Launch" in the headset, this momentarily changes to left/right touch connected, plus the battery percentage of controllers & headset are shown, proving the link was established, some things happened before it hangs

A bit sheepishly, after assuming my graphics card had the latest, I checked and I was wrong. So, downloaded the latest from AMD and selected to only install drivers. After a couple of reboots and tinkering, it now works!

Level 2

Getting the same, launch crashes back to home. gtx 780 with latest drivers. regular link works fine albeit with the minimum spec's nag. virtual desktop works fine. so unless someone can spare a newer card not at scalper prices, guess I'm sticking with VD.