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Air link and Link no longer work after win 11 install.

Level 2

did a completely fresh install of windows 11.  the Oculus app installed with no errors but when i launch air link or link, i get the 3 loading dots in the headset... 


Also I noticed there was a open XR error in the beta tab.. was able to set oculus as the provider but it flashes real quick every time i try and launch link


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there WildYetty, thanks for reaching out. We have seen several reports of users not being able to use Link with Windows 11. Oculus has not released the update that supports compatibility with Windows 11 yet. We recommend rolling back the Windows 11 update so Link can continue to be used, or waiting until the update that supports Windows 11 comes out so your issue can be resolved.


We will be sure to let the community know as soon as possible for when Oculus releases support for Windows 11. 

Has the Windows 11 compatibility update been released yet or do you have an estimated timeframe of release?   I'm holding off upgrading until it has been.     Thank you!  

ahh sorry i got it all working once i selected the openXR source and repaired the install... everything has been working perfect since

found there is no need for an update


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Okay how did you do that please 

i think he meant the oculus software but im not sure