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Air link is unplayable for me

Level 2

So I'm currently having an issue with air link right now. I can pair my compatible pc with my oculus quest 2 however when I launch in, everything works fine until it shows the oculus logo, it then shows the main menu screen and everything starts going wrong. Everything is kinda frozen, like its slightly moving but its basically frozen. I can look around but its just an endless void, the main screen which is what I'm supposed to look through is separate and when I look anywhere else separate to the main screen I just see a black void. I cant interact with anything, my hands wont show up and its just frozen. I can go back to the normal oculus menu if I spam the oculus button and quit.

I need someone to explain what the reason for this might be.


Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hey there Preenox!


That's not the experience we like to hear about. Contact us at Oculus Support HERE and we'll iron out your AirLink issues so you can enjoy wireless gaming.