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Airlink not connecting as of v39 (Pairing)

Level 2

I've been using Airlink for over 8months and i've had this problem multiple times everytime there's a new update.

Everytime i do multiple steps such as reinstalling the occulus app. Reinstalling the phone occulus app. Unpairing the headset. Restart my router. etc.

And every single time one of the options work while others doesn't. Why does this keep happing? 
Right now i can't even pair it anymore because it doesn't find my computer. I'm on 5ghz. Yes all the connections are perfect. I have a Gaming pc connected on ethernet. It's my own router so nobody else is using connections besides me either. 

I don't understand why does every single update causes this. But right now i've went over every single thing i could do and nothing is working anymore. (All my firewall is off so it's also not blocking any connections)


Level 2

Same problem here,

Nothing solved the air link issue.


Router / reinstal client on PC / app etc
Enable re-enable air link on headset / power on-off everything several times.


Is there any other advice ? 

The Air link was just working fine few days ago and it is truly a nice feature, that would be a shame to pass on it :'(