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All my games are gone!!

Level 2
For the last 3 months I have been back and fourth with support trying to recover my account with my transaction history and games. 
I somehow merged an account and then next thing I know I'm on a new account that has no games, no transaction history. I never deleted the account I have had for over a year and now I I receive this response from support after months of trying to get my games back.....


It looks like deletion trigger and not able to locate with our system.
We do not have ability to recover the account once it deleted from the system.
Same as transaction history.

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can help further on this issue.
If we cannot locate the any data, there is not much we can do.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

inconvenience!!! seriously??? We are talking over 500 dollars worth of games I have bought. I have all the receipts,  So does anyone know how to go about getting
what I OWN back??  

Level 16
If you actually have receipts for all these games they will have order numbers that Oculus support should be able to trace them back to a user account and/or source of payment. 

The account merging process a few months ago was a little bit confusing and some found that pressing buttons a little too fast while doing this ended up causing problems.  Hopefully if Oculus can trace back your receipt's order numbers they can activate these games on your current account.  Again, kind of a grey area since no purchases are officially transferable.  Good luck mate.
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Level 2
Thank you for the tip.