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An oculus quest 2 game is stuck on installing.

Level 3

A while ago, I downloaded an applab game called grapple tournament demo. I played it a few times. But ever since, it’s been sitting in my library. I try to update blade and sorcery nomad, because it needs an update, but it tells me that it is cued. It’s been two days now. Upon further investigation, I realized that grapple tournament demo was installing. It is stuck on installing. The little blue bar thing is at 100%, but it says that it is installing. This is strange because the game was already installed for many months. If I try to delete it from my library, the option simply isn’t there. Same for on my mobile device! The uninstall button has literally disappeared. And while it’s installing, I can’t manage any updates or any new games. I purchased the oculus headset with the most storage, so I still have 81 gigabytes left of storage. I tried restarting the headset, but I found that it was still installing. Can somebody please help me out???


Level 2

I'm having the exact same problem. Ever get it figured out?

Hi there! We know sometimes apps get stuck installing, and that can put a hold on other apps update progress. Seeing that the app that is stuck is an App Lab game, this could be an unknown issue that needs to be addressed. We appreciate you bringing this to the forums so the developers can improve their app by looking into this.


At this time the solution to this issue is to perform a factory reset on your headset. We know this is never the ideal solution, but we want to get you and your apps squared away so you can continue to enjoy your VR experience. Before doing so, please ensure that the Cloud Backup feature is enabled to protect your data and game progress. Once your device has been reset, installation and update progress should resume and finish.


If you need further assistance, you are welcome to submit a support ticket with our team. 😊👍