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Anyone else has the problem with controllers not being seen for random amount of time?

Level 2

Hey guys, I hope you're doing well. Yesterday I stumbled across an issue that I think I might need to report to Oculus for some service repair. We were playing Beat Saber with my friends and suddenly, at some random times and for quite random time spans, Oculus Quest 2 entered "three dot state", where it was simply showing nothing but three dots.

It happened few times, but later on we encountered even worse thing - in Pistol Whip the controller was simply not detected, but only its vision - when I pressed trigger, the cursor in the game menu highlighted, but there was no pistol shown. It seems that after restart the problem persisted and in the user selection menu, I had also no vision of any of my controllers.

Just to state the obvious: I restarted, I changed batteries in controllers, hand tracking is not working either, there were no special conditions to environment (like mirrors or troublesome light sources).

Today I started Oculus few hours ago and it worked like normal. Now it's again the same, and it returned to normal after few minutes. What's going on, anybody experienced that? Should I create a support ticket on Oculus site or is this something I can fix by upgrading software or anything? Best regards!


Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hey there! Based on the information you've provided here, I'd definitely recommend you submit a ticket by clicking here. We'd like to look further into this matter!