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Apps Not Showing

I've had some apps for a while on my Oculus Quest 2, but they all disappeared! I think I had around 7, and they're all gone, and whenever I try to enter the store to check, it doesn't let me into the store, I think there's an error. The last thing I remember before the apps disappeared was restarting my Oculus and some weird download thing popped up, the bar was green, and when it finished, it restarted. I opened up the Oculus and the apps were all gone, except for Beat Saber, which was now an Unkown Source, and whenever I tried to open Beat Saber through the Unknown Sources tab it closed immediately after it finished loading. All other traces of other apps are gone. It's been like this since 2 days ago, on November 30 and I've restarted the Oculus several times, no luck. Is there a way to get my apps back, or to at least open Beat Saber???



pretty much nothing is able to load either, I cant access my screenshots, the only thing I can really access is the guardian boundary, the floor level, and the apps

Hey there! Oh no! We understand how this can be extremely annoying, and we would like to help. 


When you restarted your device was it a soft reboot or a factory reset?


Sometimes when you do a factory reset everything will be cleared from the device, and you will need to redownload games. 


We see you are having problems entering the store, are you able to get into Oculus home on your mobile device?


We may need more information to help get you in, and get your apps back. 


Please private message us or submit a support ticket of the errors you are experiencing, so we can assist and get you back in VR.

This doesnt help. Im having the same issue. Over 7 paid apps none of them loading. I did a factory reset AND I am still having the same issue ! 

Hello, at this time we would love to assist you one-on-one. Please click our Oculus icon and send us a private message so we can work on getting you back into VR!