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Asus ROG GL702 With 1060 card compatible with cable?

Level 2


My wife has an Asus Rog GL702 laptop with a geforce 1060 graphics card in it. We have an Oculus 2 with the cable (official one). When installing the Oculus app on the laptop, it doesn't recognise the Oculus device - it says "connect your headset" - and when we do, nothing happens, it doesn't see the device. However, the Oculus charge light is on (so its charging).

I checked the Oculus gfx cards supported, and it shows the 1060m as not supported - is that the issue?

We ran the STEAMVR compatibility check, it says the laptop can run most VR games in high quality settings. Wifey wants to play Skyrim VR. Would it work with airlink?

Or will virtual desktop in the Oculus app store be a solution?

Your advice would be most appreciated (because if we don't solve this my gaming rig with a 1070 is in great danger of being appropriated 😉 )

HELP! Save my rig!