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Before you contact Support.....

Level 2
Understand this is what we are dealing with. A recent conversation regarding Rift S I had just bought.

Me: "Hi,
i've looked everywhere I could before pushing a ticket. Which USB 3.0
adapter should I be using? My onboards are incompatible, I've bought a
Startech card an Oculus user said would work..still incompatible. I'm
stumped." - I went into a little more technical detail asking which specific USB 3.0 specs I should look for, but a little tldr;

Reply:  "Hi,
you for contacting Oculus Support. I understand that you have some
questions regarding the possibility of a DisplayPort to HDMI adapter
that is compatible with the Oculus Rift S."

Yeah nup. Just saying look to the community for answers cause these guys are busy taking uber eats orders.


Level 15
Well, I think I've got some nice feedback from Support, maybe you got a bad apple 😉

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