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Bizzare tracking issue

I've had a strange issue with my quest 2 that started a few days ago. When using the Oculus OS it's perfectly fine, however going into Oculus Link results in a strange issue where the tracking is wrong every other frame.

Every other frame the tracking lines up perfectly with how I'm moving my head, but the other 50% of the frames the tracking kind of overcompensates. To explain what I mean, when I rotate my head to the right, the VR space should rotate to the left to correspond with that, which it does correctly every other frame. However, on the off frames it rotates *too far* to the left, seemingly 3x-4x more then it should. This occurs for all rotations, but it never seems to have a trouble with the position of my head in 3D space. The fact that this switches back forth every frame makes it extremely nauseating and unplayable (unless I lock my head in a vice or something).

I have reinstalled the Oculus software, tried using different link cables (including the officially sold link cable).
I've verified that the cables function properly using the built-in testing tools. As far as the Oculus software is concerned there is nothing wrong with my Quest 2. My space is well lit, and as mentioned there are no tracking issues when using the Quest standalone.

Considering the fact the Quest 2 functions normally in the stand alone OS, I'm inclined to believe that this is an issue with the software. In which case others should be running into the same problem, yet I've not been able to find this exact issue mentioned anywhere. I really only use the Quest 2 for link so these kinds of problems are a make or break issue. More then anything I'd like to hear if other people are having this issue, because if not I don't exactly have high hopes of my specific issue getting resolved.