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Black 3 dot window

Level 3

Does anybody else randomly get crashes where your headset just goes black sometimes ? It happens to me often while playing, and when I try to go to Home Screen or hit the oculus button it glitches and then does the black dot loading thing it’s Incredibly annoying and makes me regret getting the system.  Like I’ve done everything it’s fully up to date I reset it several times and I clear the guardian history too, and nothing works permanently. It just goes away for awhile then pops back up 😕 solutions?  Or does anyone know the cause 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Heya! We truly understand how much of an inconvenience this can be! So please, feel free to create a ticket here! We want to look into this issue deeper and find the possible solutions just for you! Our goal is to get you back and enjoying Metaverse the proper way. We got your back!