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Black screen after software update

Level 4

Yesterday I updated the software on my oculus quest 2. After the update when I turn the headset on I see black screen and the area I selected as guardian before the update. 

If I get out of the zone I see with the oculus camera. 

I tried to do a hard reboot (I held the power button for 30 seconds and 10 seconds as well), but all I see is a black screen in the zone of the guardian. Also, I submitted a ticket to the oculus support team.

Anyone knows how to solve the problem? @OculusSupport 

*Update* I did the factory reset and the headset works fine now. 


Level 2

Same problem here, nothing works...

Connected it to the PC; let it plugged in and waited; held power button; went into bootloader and rebooted; rebooted a bunch of times;...
still nothing

Level 2

Same probleme here on Quest 1. I made a hard reset two times and now it's impossible to pair my quest with the smartphone oculus app -.- I don't know what to do.

Level 2

I have the same issue, black screen after update. Made a ticket also.

I am shocked to hear so many people have the same problem! @OculusSupport help us! I hope it's fixable, my oculus is practically new.

Level 4

I am having the same problem after loading the V29 update. I have tried all the basic stuff from re-booting and re-starting. I don't want to do a factory re-set and I shouldn't have to!! Somebody must have the answer to this problem!!

Yeah I'm with you! I don't want to do the factory reset since it will delete all my game progress! And I don't understand WHERE @OculusSupport is!! I see a lot of people with the same problem, how come they don't do anything with it.

I really hope they will reply soon enough, I'm not doing the factory reset yet.

Level 3

Same here. Tried Restarting it Like a million times, i even did the sideload update, nothing. @OculusSupport help us please

And plus, it doesn’t even let me change the gauardian nor adjust the floor height

Yeah It's the same for me. It just remembers the guardian I set up before the update.