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Black screen and 3 loading dots

Level 2
Every day when I go to turn my PC on to play VR, Its like a gamble to see if my headset will work but mostly it's just hours of seeing 3 dots infinitely loading or a black screen. I have looked at many fixes but none of them seem to help at all. The Oculus app says everything is connected and the headset is active but it just doesn't work...

Level 2
Were you able to solve this? Facing a similar issue

Level 3
Ahhh. the dreaded dots. What headset and PC specs please.

Level 2
I have the same problem and tried all the solutions, but nothing worked. I dismounted the Quest but everything seems fine. It's like a software problem, but I didn't get any solution from Oculus

Level 3

the problem is solved for me ! It was the new silicon mask/face eye, I put on and that obscured the « presence infrared detector » that turned off the screen thinking I wasn’t wearing it. When I put à figer on it : the screen Light on like by magic ! I put the mask I have before and it work perfect y again