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Blank/Black Screen in Headset and on PC

Level 2
Hello, I've reached the end of where I can get to using google and just trial and error-ing solutions on my own so I'm hoping someone by some miracle might be able to help me get my headset running. First off I'll throw out all my Hardware stuff of what I believe SHOULD be a VR capable PC:

Inspiron 5675
Graphics Card: AMD RX 580
Motherboard: AMD Ryzen 7 1700x 8-core (8GB ram)
Oculus Rift +Touch

So the problem is basically I go into the Oculus setup software, go through all the setup stuff no problem up until I'm instructed to "get ready to enter VR", put on the headset and continue from there. Except, there's nothing to see. Just darkness in the headset. The sound works, the little led orange lights on, and the software said that all the connections are good (they have to be, it won't continue if they aren't). So I tried skipping the setup and just turning on the dreamdeck demo map. And this is where I think someone can help me quite easily; my question is what should be happening on my monitor? When I open dreamdeck a window appears, either fully blank white or black, and my mouse cursor dissapears. Until i hit esc and it closes. Shouldn't I be seeing some image on the screen or something? Either way the headset still shows nothing. So I tried updating my graphics card, updating windows, downgrading my graphics card, rebooting the pc multiple times, trying all the different usb ports, and plugging my hdmi into one the adapter in the displayport. See my pc only has one hdmi port the other 3 are all displayport. I know all of those ports and the hdmi work with my monitor but only the hdmi works for the oculus. For example if I plug my Oculus into the adapter that runs into the displayport the headset shows no connection to the hdmi slot in the setup software.

Here's where things get even weirder. After a day or so of giving up and waiting for Oculus Support (Who I assume are swamped during post-Christmas times) I decided to go at it again on my own. But now, the sensors don't work. Now I assure you I've been as careful with my setup as I would be with a baby, and my pc has sat mostly untouched. But the Oculus setup software shows error in the sensors, both having the error poor tracking quality. Even weirder, port switching them has no effect... But if I plug one in at a time, they work. Or at least no errors show up on the software. All 4 of the HDMI, and the 3 usb ports show the green check circles on the initial setup though. So I'm thinking okay maybe the software is bugged? Or is there not enough power somehow? Idk. I'm gonna try reinstalling the software which Ive hesitated to do because it takes 5 hours on my internet and the first 2 times I had installation error but hey it's worth a shot. Anyways if any of that seems to ring a bell to some specific issue or you have any ideas I'd love to hear them!

Level 2
Having the same issues with the same computer hopefully there will be a answer soon

Level 2
Oculus Support told me that my drivers weren't working and that I needed to use the oculusdriver.exe program (C:\Program Files\Oculus\Support\oculus-drivers) to reinstall it, however I had already tried this and then deleted the driver via device manager as well as removed the sensors then reinstalled via the installer and still no luck. I'd delete the driver for the headset and try reinstalling that but I can't find it in my device manager nor do I know if it even exists.

My biggest lead right now is this power/bandwith device thing a lot of people are talking about, where their sensors weren't getting enough bandwidth or power through the USB's so they bought some device that boosted that power. There is also a small bend/knot feeling area on my headset cable but I'm not sure that's the culprit since I'm still having issues with the sensors.

I'd like to try and see if either the power bank or a replacement cord solve the issues BUT I don't want to spend 50$ to get a cord or 22$ + struggling to install the bank ( Only to have it not work. If I knew it would work I'd throw money at it with joy, but there's no hard evidence. And there's no way to know if the power is the issue, plus why is it always consistently one of the sensors failing and not the other, regardless of port or which sensor? It's confusing. Please let me know if you find anything out and/or if you decide to take the hit and buy either one of those "fixes".