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Bluetooth Keeps Stopping (I've tried everything)

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I have an Oculus Quest 1 that has worked fine for a year.  However it suddenly popped up with 'Bluetooth Keeps Stopping' error.  I have restarted it, connected it to the computer, and ensured it is fully updated.  It stays on that erro now matter what I do - clicking close program, program info, or the menu button does not do anything).  


I've searched the forums and it looks like there are hundreds of users who also have this problem with no answer or response from support?  I tried to check the space available on the Quest, but when I connect with the computer it does not show me any storage data.  I uninstalled programs from the PC (which show's connected) but that did not change anything.  A hard reset does not seem to help most people, and I would rather not resort to that since my son will lose all his progress for a year on the device. 


Any guidance would be appreciated.  


Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hey chadcham! We understand you're receiving an error message regarding your Bluetooth connection even after you've tried several troubleshooting steps. We have a few more steps for you to try before you resort to a factory reset:

  • Try repairing the Oculus app. Click here for the instructions. 
  • Check to see that your drivers are up-to-date.
  • Ensure that both, your headset and computer, are connected to the same WiFi connection.


If you need more help once you've taken these steps, please feel free to reach out to us on our website here:

Level 2

I have tried all of the above recommendations and it has had no effect.  I actually purchased an Oculus Quest 2 due to dealing with the frustration of the Oculus 1 - and somewhat regretting that now after seeing how many people have the bluetooth error problem on both systems.