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Broadcast in Oculus Home crashes Oculus software and more

Level 2
Hey! Whenever I try to broadcast something on a screen (special item) in Home the view in Oculus Rift freezes and Oculus restarts. At the same time my monitor goes black until Oculus has restarted. Also, any Chrome browser windows are 'not responding' and will need to be killed to use Chrome again.
I have an Acer ET430K 4K monitor at 3840x2160, with Geforce GTX 1080. In Nvidia panel I see another monitor 'VR-DESKTOP' that is set to the same resolution and I cannot change it. I have no problem viewing Oculus Desktop, just trying to broadcast it in Oculus Home crashes pretty much everything. I'm on the latest Nvidia drivers and the latest Oculus update. Everything else in Oculus Rift works nicely. Any help available? 

Level 3
Here we are in late October 2019 over 12 months since this problem was reported and its still happening.  I too have the same problem as detailed above.  Why is it that it takes devs over 12 months to address such a serious crash.  This crash even moved all my desktop icons.  Cmon Oculus - FIX YOUR STUFF or remove the feature so that unfortunate accidents do not occur on your customers computers by your hand.

Level 2
same issue...

Level 2
No issue when unplugging the 3rd display port attached to my TV. When I have my TV, Monitor and VR plugged in when I go to broadcast, my whole PC crashes... Please fix this annoying issue.