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Broken Q2 elite strap with battery replaced with wrong version

Level 2

Facebook/Oculus Support......I'm let elite strap (with battery) finally gave up the ghost and broke last week. I consider myself lucky since it lasted as long as it did without breaking.

So I email support, open a ticket, send them the receipt, the pictures, the Serial number....all that. I'm patient going through the RMA / replacement process..... But when the replacement finally arrives.....No battery. They sent me the wrong elite strap.


Very much disappointed. 


Anyone go through this before? Are they going to make me return this one before they'll ship the right one? They can have it......i just don't want to wait another two weeks cause they messed up. 


Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hi there, so very sorry to hear this has happened. Please contact us again either by opening a follow-up through your original ticket, or by clicking here. Thank you.