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Bug report update V32

Level 3

Hi all, don't know if this is the right place where to post this, so please let me know in case. I'm reporting some bugs i've experienced during these days since i updated my Quest 2 with V32.


1. Tracking lost problem is still there. After i turn on my Q2 the tracking is completly missing or the controllers are stuck on one axis for about 10 seconds, then everything works fine, but sometimes randomly happen during gameplay. I did several tests and i'm sure do not depends from light or batteries in my controller because it happen anywhere.


2. This is an old problem, i can say it exist since always: audio and video are not syncronized 90% of the times when you record a video and i need to sync in post production. Now with V32 there is a new problem: audio from game is quite good but voice recorded stutter often and i cannot hear the voice from other player in the record but of course i can hear them while playing.


3. Guardian is more messed up than before: in previsious updates the guardian makes everything stutter. the solution for me was putting down the sensibility to 0. Now the problem is back and when the guardian shows up during gameplay, the game lag and stutter so that is nearly impossible to play.


For now is just this. I'll add more bugs in the next days.


some advise to improve library management:


1. On Quest 2 - Add the possibility to hide non installed games as it is possible in rift client. I know there is the possibility to select "only installed games" from the menu, but is a thing i have to do everytime. Add "hide" option in the 3 little dots on game for example and add the list "hidden games" in the list of menu on the upper right.


2. Extend the visualization for the next upcoming game to the next 30 days. On Quest store there is the section for next games but it show only those arriving in the next week. Make it show next games for the next 30 days.


3. There is no "next games" section for rift store. Add it and make it visible for the games arriving in the next 30 days.


That's it for now. Thanks