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Build 26 has not fixed the Link issues caused by Build 25

Level 2

I had a perfectly working system with Build 24 but since Build 25 and now Build 26 the sound stutters badly when using a Link cable.


Is there any way to go back to the old build, will this get fixed?


Level 7

I would for sure go back if I could. I was playing Fallout VR a few times a week, and after two experiences with V25 I just gave up. I’m just waiting to hear it got patched, because life’s too short to endlessly mess with settings, only to have an update fix it and want to revert to my old settings. 

Level 4

I have the same issue. V24 was flawless. The issue is easy to identify just by listening to the choppy, stuttering audio. You don't even have to be in a game, it is very apparent even in the link home environment. 


Quest 1 is unplayable via link all of the sudden. Quest 2 is playable, but the issue is still there. I've been using link for a year and have loved it so much. I've had no hardware changes. I have to avoid using LINK until the issues are resolved, as I have worked tirelessly to try and fix the problem myself to no avail.

Level 2

I also notice my cable is showing as 1.8Gbps in the connection test. I am pretty sure it was 2.9 previously.

Level 3

My USB now only registers as USB 2.0 366Mbps and I can no longer use 90hz. It was fine before version 25.

I noticed the audio issue in the beta before 25 was released.

However I did have some success fixing the stuttering audio and horrible fps/tracking with the link by reenabling the beta (I'd opted out before v25 to get it working again), disabling both the "hear VR Audio from computer" and "hear Computer Audio in VR", just selecting the Oculus Virtual Audio Device as my output, setting the render resolution back to default and dropping the encode bandwidth in OculusDebugTool to 150 Mbps. 

Level 2

I just got Build 27 which took a while to update. Immediately tested the sound and it's working again! Hopefully 27 will fix everyone's issues. 

I will definitely try this. Am I correct in saying the Oculus Debug Tool has to be open while using link for it to work?