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CHAT support is worthless, someone PLEASE HELP!

Level 3

I have a problem with my right controller, they had me send it back, and never returned a new one to me.

They sent me an email with a tracking number that does not go to any UPS number or Lasership number.  It says its invalid.

I have been chatting, and emailing for 3 days now about this and they have not been able to tell me anything about it.  Other than it shipped.  one email actually said "rest assured, it is out for delivery and will be delivered today"  It has not.  And NO one will tell me where it is, or give me a real tracking number.  I am at wits end.  They owe me a right controller and I am pissed, and there is no talking to anyone at this company.  Why is there no way to call anyone for help?  Does someone have any way of me getting them to get me my replacement?  This is literally the WORST support for a product this big.  They have literally stolen my controller.

TYIA for any words of wisdom.


Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager



We are sorry to hear that your controller replacement has taken longer than expected to return to you. We are currently experiencing some delays with replacement parts and orders. We apologize for this, and we appreciate your patience and understanding on this matter. If you could provide us with your ticket number in a Private Message, we can see about getting your tracking number updated and getting your controller back as soon as possible. 


I sent them the numbers and here is their response.  UNBELIEVABLE.


Hey there! We can definitely understand your frustration and hope a resolution is found as soon as possible. I have updated the notes in your open ticket #3429163 to reflect that your tracking number is invalid and needs to be updated. We are happy to assist, if you haven't heard anything soon please reach back out! 

This is the same thing I have been hearing for the last 4 days.  I have 10 emails that say the same thing.  I have been on chat at least 6 times explaining all this and we are still in the same position.  There is just no talking to real people is there.

I recommend anything but the oculus system at this point.  I dont believe you have any support.

Level 3

Still no response. 

Level 3

So Today they have said that they confirm that the tracking number they provided to me is invalid and suggested that I call UPS to have them find the package !!!!   Are they really this ignorant?  I still can't believe that I cant talk to an actual human who knows what to do in this company. 

I will never buy another one that's for sure.  They should be giving me free stuff at this point.

5 days of this BS


Still no update

Day 6 still no answer

Level 3

STILL NO SOLUTION. I guess they want me to give up.