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CV1 and Vireio Perception?

Level 2
Hi. I'm using Vireio Perception to change how a game renders to my monitor. It seems like all I need is to get what is rendered to my monitor to render to the oculus instead, and I can't figure out how to get it to work. I thought the oculus would show up as another display in which case I could extend my screen, but I can't detect it as a monitor in my screen settings. Am I missing something simple? 

I did take a look at Steam VR Theater mode, but it doesn't lock the camera view and displays the game on a curved plane in front of the camera, which feels really awkward. I've had my heart set on playing Mirror's Edge on the oculus for years. I know it's not a VR game, but folks have put a decent amount of work creating functionality to get it to run like VR and have been successful. It's the main reason I got the retail kit, so I could really use a hand with this. Thanks.

Level 2
Having the excat same issue, after some googling and research think I know the cause but could very well be complete wrong.

Don't think it works yet, looking at this they someone way saying its not working yet. Think version 4 will but it only supports Fallout 4 currently, hopefully they will update soon.

I believe this is as versions 2 and 3 of Vireio Perception only work with older rift runtimes for which you would need a DK2 for.

Please let me know if you have managed to get it running and how!

Level 2
I was able to get this working by using different software. I invested $40 in VorpX ( which already supports a large number of games and works with CV1. I also used Flawless Widescreen ( in order to help improve the FOV for the game. For games that don't support VR, it'll make you feel a bit sick, especially in menus, but it's totally worth it 🙂