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Can I plug an Oculus sensor into the front facing USB port of my computer?

Level 2
The front-facing USB ports are 3.0 so I suspect that the problems will be minimal, but I'd like to be sure that I can plug the sensor into the front of my computer without running into any major issues. I a little strapped for USB extension length so the couple of feet from the back of my computer to the front might make all the difference.

Level 9
Yes you can. Some ports may actually be a mix of 3.0 or 2.0 type USB. However, USB2.0 is all that is really needed. I had successfully ran HMD with 2 Sensors all from a motherboard's USB2.0! That PC was a Xeon Quad Duo 3GHz! So the front USB may be ample. That PC stopped working with VR from around Runtime1.32 however I think it may have been ASMedia USB Drivers it updated to rather than the standard Microsoft! I'm eager to try that PC again as a 2nd old use of CV1 once I get a CV2!
*If using extensions then USB2.0 does it better as there's less power to send over distance.

Level 3
Yes, it will work just fine. I would assume that keeping the number of extension cables you use to a minimum is recommended, so it's probably for the better. I can't recall where I've read it, but I do believe it is recommended that you keep the USB cables for the sensors & headset "separated" (try not to plug all of them in USB ports directly adjacent to each other). I'm not sure how it works, but supposedly it is better that way. I'm not sure if it makes an enormous difference, though. In addition, as the software points out, if you have 3 sensors, it is recommended to have only two of them connected to a USB 3.0 port, with the other connected to a USB 2.0 port. Again, I have no idea why that is the case, but it's worth keeping in mind.