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Can anyone explain Oculus Support?

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I've tried to help trouble shoot two pairs of Rift S goggles on two different HP gaming PCs or laptop.  There were obviously updates required and addressed. 

Support seems to be poorly equipped to address problems.  Is three weeks unreasonable, without a call or email?

"So, my opinion offended you?  You should have heard what I was thinking."   IBIS2

Level 3
What is Oculus support? 

Level 11
I don't know if it's coincidence or not, but whenever I've got a bit fed up waiting for a response from support and have posted about it here, next day I get a reply on my ticket! I was thinking about that when I posted here and whaddya know? Today I get a reply with more suggestions!
I don't think it will fix the issue but at least they are suggesting things to try.

i5 9600k @4.5GHz; 16GB DDR4 3200; 6xSSD; RTX2080ti; Gigabyte Z390D Mobo
Rift CV1; Index; Quest; Quest 2

Level 3
Hello,  I'm still waiting for my "ESCALATION".  I was provided with a courtesy NVIDIA support coupon I think by Oculus.  This most recent of three tickets was opened August 20th., go figure.

"So, my opinion offended you?  You should have heard what I was thinking."   IBIS2

Level 3
I'm told to wait 3-5 business days so they can review.   I have that marked in my calendar.  Index is in the mail, but I want my bad  cord replaced regardless.

Edit:   There is a difference between suggestions and guesses.  I hope they figure that out post haste.

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I guess it's Facebook.  They're worried about who will become the world's 1st Trillionaire so they don't have time for tech support...

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Good point. 

I was in Failure Analysis and Reliability Physics at HP, Sun and "Larry World" for the better part of 30 years and I frankly don't understand the Oculus business model. 
"So, my opinion offended you?  You should have heard what I was thinking."   IBIS2

Level 2
They are the WORST. They simply don't give a damn about their customers.
Their customer service is a black box designed to frustrate you into submission.
They are so arrogant. Have no sense of what customer service means. You should be left feeling positive about a company in the event that THEIR PRODUCT PROMISE HAS FAILED YOU. Thats on them to restore your faith in them. But they seem to be operating on the premise that we are all so bloody lucky to have one of their products at all that they can get away with whatever shoddy service they want.
Few things I've learned:
You don't own your games. You're just renting them. Too bad if you want to sell your system.
You're going to have to have a fucking facebook account after all.
Your brand new headset breaks? They can send you a refurbished unit as replacement and there's nothing you can do about it.
You can't talk to anyone about any customer service issues.
They refuse to escalate complaints to a supervisor. And you can't live chat with anyone in authority. You have to wait for their email response. Which can take days and days and then not even address the substance of your complaint. And there's nothing you can do about it.
They can take 2 months to resolve your headset issue "because of covid' but if "because of covid" you weren't able to use your system for the first time within the 30 day no questions return period, you can forget about it. I detected the fault the first time I used it, but it didn't matter. They just take the delivery date as the end of the responsibility to you as a customer. No latitude. No humanity.

Level 3
Well, I can't disagree with you.  I am more convinced than ever that the cable could be the root cause.  Only Oculus knows and they seem reluctant to share.  Why?

I received this invitation from NVIDIA that I had forgotten about.  It was filed on 8/17.  Attached.  Sorry for the lengthy response.

Recently you requested personal assistance from our on-line support center. Below is a summary of your request and our response.
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Oculus Rift not detected

Response By Email (Imran) (09/02/2020 04:24 PM)
Hello Bob,

Thank you for contacting NVIDIA Customer care.

As per the last discussion we had through chat, you were asked to contact the HP support and check for warranty. So for any further help or assistance, suggest you get intouch with HP support.

Best regards,    
NVIDIA Customer Care

Customer By CSS Email (Bob Melanson) (09/01/2020 08:00 PM)
Am I to understand this escalated ticket, filed 14 days ago, has slowly proceeded to near the front of your queue?
Oculus Rift not detected [Incident: 200817-000284]

Chat By Chat (Imran) (08/17/2020 09:18 AM)
[08:54:53 AM]Hi, my name is Imran. How may I help you?
[08:56:11 AM]Bob Melanson: Yes this Bob
[08:57:03 AM]Imran: Hello Bob
[08:57:23 AM]Bob Melanson: I have tried to brand new VR goggles and either would pair with my PC
[08:57:50 AM]Bob Melanson: Neith would pair
[08:58:38 AM]Imran: How are you trying to pair this ?
[08:59:26 AM]Bob Melanson: thru the digital output fron a 1660 Ti
[09:00:46 AM]Bob Melanson: I have been trouble shooting through Oculus
[09:01:09 AM]Imran: Does it detected it when connected to the card ?
[09:02:30 AM]Bob Melanson: Temporarily.  Then it breaks connection.  Same symptoms for both headsets.
[09:03:08 AM]Imran: Oh ok. Did you have any monitor connected to this display port ?
[09:04:08 AM]Bob Melanson: One USB 3.0 and the digital port.  Yes the HDMI port is connected to my monitor.
[09:04:55 AM]Imran: Does the monitor also have a display port which you can connect to the card and check ?
[09:05:53 AM]Bob Melanson: I  don't have the cable to do that.
[09:06:28 AM]Imran: Oh. Or can you connect the Oculus Rift over HDMI and check if that works ?
[09:07:13 AM]Bob Melanson: No I don't have a converter cable.
[09:07:43 AM]Imran: And you have the latest drivers installed for the card ?
[09:08:02 AM]Bob Melanson: As far as I know
[09:09:05 AM]Imran: Then the issue would be with the display port, it could be faulty. It would be helpful if we can get a display port cable and check it by connecting a monitor. if even that does not work, then need to get the card replaced as the display port would be faulty
[09:11:53 AM]Bob Melanson: Your video cars is in my HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop 690-0073w
[09:12:18 AM]Imran: The card came pre-installed in the system ?
[09:12:29 AM]Bob Melanson: Yes
[09:12:46 AM]Imran: Ok. Then for warranty you need to contact HP
[09:14:37 AM]Bob Melanson: I have but I wanted to know if there were any other ways to diagnose whether that port was active, or device drivers?
[09:15:27 AM]Imran: Since you have already updated the drivers, that would be eliminated. The next thing to check the port is to connect a monitor and confirm it woudl work
[09:16:58 AM]Bob Melanson: Alright thanks for your help.
[09:17:05 AM]Imran: You are welcome
[09:18:05 AM]'Bob Melanson' disconnected ('Concluded by End-user').

Question Reference # 200817-000284

  • Date Created: 08/17/2020 09:18 AM
  • Date Last Updated: 09/02/2020 04:24 PM
  • Status: Unresolved

"So, my opinion offended you?  You should have heard what I was thinking."   IBIS2