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Can’t add payment method

Level 3

I wish I could receive  an explanation to the situation with thousands of people complaining that they can’t add payment method to their Oculus account. From what I see this problem has been going on for 4 years now. I am not an exception. I bought Quest 2 last week to replace my Rift S and now I can’t add a payment method. I called my bank and was surprised to find out that their customer service people are well aware with this issue going on with Oculus. I submitted a ticket last week and so far no solution. Customer support ask to wait or give them time. Come on, isn’t 4 years enough to wait? If you cannot fix the problem or do not want the revenue, can we get free content to be able to use the headset we invested in?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there. This is definitely not the sort of experience we're striving for, and we want to thank you for bringing this to our attention. We do want to reassure you that the agent assigned to the ticket is working diligently to figure this out. Our hope is to find a universal solution to this shortly as we want your experience to be the best that it can be. 

Level 5

And the worst part is you won’t find any info about this other then here on this forum page it’s almost non existent on the web I did a good amount of research before buying the quest2 and no one ever mentions this problem but here we are and it turns out it’s been well over 4 years and no solution in sight. 

Maybe do something make oculus cards we can buy at a store and redeem the code online so we can at least add credits to our account if a payment option is “invalid”

Level 3

I am having this same issue, unable to add a payment method.  Unbelievable!  

Has anyone had their payment issue resolved?  Or, do I need to return this useless paperweight!!!

After about 5 days of contacting them everyday and saving all of my support numbers and the names connected to it they finally got back to me and I’m able to add a card now 

It was very annoying and it took a while but if you really just bug them everyday it will get fixed but make sure you talk to the actual people not the robot messenger. They will try to say all the basic stuff but you will need to tell them your account name and your card number or like the last 4 numbers of the card you want to use and show them a pic of how it won’t work. Then do that about everyday for about 5 days and they will get annoyed and fix it. Kinda of a **bleep** move but you gotta be a pain in the butt to get it fixed. Haven’t had a problem since. 

Update.  Within 1 business day Oculus has fixed my issue!  I was able to setup my payment method.  


Level 3

@OculusSupport please explain why you chose to fix @LiquidStar1 's payment method problem but you then chose to not fix my payment method problem! My ticket was created August 31st (56 days ago) and it is still not resolved. No one believes there is a support engineer working "diligently" for 8 hours a day for 56 days, and still be unable to resolve my issue. my ticket number is: 3252129.

@blyler - ask for AmanS at Oculus Support.  This is the person who worked on my ticket and resolved it quickly.