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Can’t download Horizon Worlds

Level 2

I am able to download venues but am unable to downloads worlds. I tried every solution offered from all the forums. Please advise on how to fix this issue. Extremely frustrating. 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hiya! Horizon Worlds is sure a great place to explore, it gets even better with Horizon Venues and its incredible events! 


Horizon Venues is no longer supported as a standalone app and has moved to Horizon Worlds to make the MetaVerse 💙.


In order to access Horzion Worlds, our users must be located in the UK, US, or Canada and must be 18 and older, if you still can't seem to get into Horzion try and check your Oculus app to see if you can download it from there.


Need further help after checking? Get back to us here and we can provide some further help!

Community Manager
Community Manager



We hope all is well this Thursday! We were able to converse yesterday regarding you not being able to download Horizon Worlds. We wanted to know if the information we provided was useful at all. If all the checkpoints we provided you with check out and you're still having issues, you know who to reach out to! 


We are all ears and ready to get to work on this matter for you! Please don't hesitate to update us on your findings and results! 


Always here to help!

I am still unable to download horizon worlds. I have tried everything suggested in all the forums. Nothing works. Please advise. 

Hey there! 


We appreciate you getting back to us with an update. This doesn't sound good at all, but there is still hope! 


If you meet all these, and this issue persists, please let us know. You can send in an email or chat by following this link, and we'll be more than happy to take a closer look with you!