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Can’t download horizon worlds

Level 2

Still can’t down load horizon worlds. Is it still invite only?


I bought a quest 2 headset after jan in february. I am STILL yet able to downloads worlds. I have had my headset WAY longer then 48 hours. Please assist

Level 3

I can download it fine, in fact I reinstalled it just now because It crashes back to home.  All I see after launching horizon world is the black screen with the horizon logo, then it crashes back to home.  It's been like this for 2 months.  I did play horizon around Christmas but can't get on at all, it just crashes.  Using Rift S.

I still cannot download horizon worlds. Still says coming soon. All my software is up to date. Please help. Both brother and daughter were able to download.

Level 3

EVERYONE! Someone on this thread said what the issue was and I tried and it worked. Try making a gaming Facebook or just a new account in Facebook. The issue is the content on your current Facebook for some reason I don’t get. But I made a new account and Facebook for the oculus and the app then came up as downloadable. I have it, so try this method to those who see it as coming soon. 

Don't I lose the games I paid for if I log in with a different account? 

No you won’t lose them. Just install them on that account as well. The progress yes, but you’ll still have both facebooks and you can switch accounts whenever you wanna play horizon worlds. 

I have a quest 2 an have had it for two weeks an still can’t get it

I did with Queen told me and started a new Facebook and added it to my oculus. And it worked instantly. It's because you probably been banned on Facebook a couple of times. Like me. So they won't let me get it but when I started a brand new Facebook page and let me have it instantly

Yay!!! I’m so happy lol I’m glad we got it working!!!

Thank you for your help. 😁