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Can't get Quest 2 to Work with Flight simulator 2020

Level 2
I just bought a Quest 2, installed everything as per forums, even the regedit hack for OpenXR. 
Bought it specifically for MSFS 2020 (Microsoft store). Quest 2 in Oculus is green 
(on the computer), the cable test OK in Oculus. Oculus link shows good in the headset. 
The best I can get when I do CTRL + TAB in MSFS, it doesn't switch to the headset, instead, 
it shows me two identical images on my computer monitor. My setup: ASUS Z370 PLUS GAMING, Radeon RX570, I9-9900, 
32G RAM, 4 monitors (1 X 4K and 3 X FHD. 

I get the same result with Google Earth VR.

Got this error message in Oculus logs:
[PluginManager] Failed to load HeadsetPlugin: EmulationPluginAddition; got error code: -1010

I unplugged (I mean disconnect the wires) 3 monitors, so I was left with only one 4K monitor. Same problem.

Any idea?