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Can't get things running

Level 3

So all I'm trying to do is play this driving sim called "city car driving" that I just purchased today on steam.


I am able to long into the Facebook account that I have linked up to my quest 2 on both my PC and phone. However, when trying to log into the Oculus app, it tries to have me continue to sign in thru my default web browser (chrome) but the loading wheel just continues to spin and it never finishes. I've read some posts about this and apparently it's not a crazy rare issue.


I'm not very tech savvy however and this is immensely frustrating. Why do they make it so hard to actually enjoy using their product ya know?


Could it be because my PC is underspecced? I doubt that would make me unable to even TRY to run the game.

I have the headset recognizing the link cable once it's in but it just repeatedly tells me that I haven't logged into my Oculus account and that I need to do so before I can run STEAM VR.


Without STEAM VR it's useless to even run the game. Please help.


Just to reiterate... I can log into Facebook on both my phone and PC separately. I can log into my Oculus app on my phone, separately. It also appears that I am also able to log in to the Oculus app on my PC, but that loading wheel in the "Continue in your browser" window never stops spinning and I am not able to get it to connect and become one with STEAM VR, though it tells me that the device recognizes the link cable.