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Can't hear house (home) guests

Level 2

When I first got Oculus a few weeks ago I could have a friend over at my "home" space and we could talk. Now we cannot hear each other. If we join a party we cannot hear each other unless we are NOT in a "home" together. However when I had 2 friends over the other night, they COULD both hear each other but I couldn't hear them and they couldn't hear me.

Every other game/app works perfect with voice so I can't see it being a hardware issue. What gives? It used to work! All my settings have mics and volume turned on. I can hear my music in Oculus Home etc. It's deffo something to do with Oculus Home because normal party chat works fine unless we are all in my Home.



Level 2
I have the exact same problem.
Two friends started a party chat as they were already in one of their homes and I only could hear them when they left the home because of an error.

So party only was fine but as soon as they entered the home again and I visited it too, I couldn't hear them again.

Both of them were talking to each other the whole time.

I guess it has something to do with the oculus update from a few days ago. 

Level 16
Can you two please submit support bug reports? You can do this in the Help Center (lower left of Oculus app) by clicking Provide Feedback. Thanks.
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Level 2
Done. I've also ordered a USB V3 PCI-e card. If it's some sort of bandwidth issue I'm hoping it sorts it. My PC is quite old and the sensors don't like my USBV3 at all. 

Level 2
Just an update to this. I installed my new PCI-e USB V3 card today and my bro came to visit and I could hear him. So looks like that is now sorted? I still can't broadcast my PC desktop onto the screens in my Home though as it totally crashes my PC after 30 seconds or so. I've opened a ticket and sent my logs to "Misty".

Level 4
nm, false error. deleted

Level 2
I'm not able to hear people and they're not able to hear me in the oculus party whether in a home or not. We went into vr chat and we could hear each other no problem. We both tried it with link and without and it was the same problem for both. This is certainly an issue with the social section of oculus and definitely not a hardware issue. It needs fixing as oculus is supposed to be a social experience but so far 3rd party apps are providing it better.