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Can't install Software - Exiting with code 18

Level 4

A few days ago everything worked fine and i was able to play with my Oculus Rift.
But today i had to reinstall the software and now i can't install it anymore.

I already turned of any software like antivir and my firewall and windows defender aswell.
Also i reinstalled my windows.

[Debug] [11.11.2018 16:41:44] Installing oculus-runtime.
[Error] [11.11.2018 16:41:46] Librarian exited code 18
[Debug] [11.11.2018 16:41:46] Install 'Dawn.Setup.InstallPackagesStep' failed.
[Warning] [11.11.2018 16:41:46] Rolling back installation.
[Debug] [11.11.2018 16:41:46] Uninstall 'Dawn.Setup.InstallPackagesStep' succeeded.

I hope this section from the log helps.
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i have exactly the same problem with the same OculusSetup log, it worked for a little over a year without problems. I already tried to format my drives and reinstalled win10 twice, turned off Defender and firewalls, tried different installers, fiddled with permission settings. I just dont know anymore. Does anyone have the same issue or better a solution?

Level 3
Same issue here. Everything was working until the new update, which was, incidentally, FORCED on me.

Level 2
i have exactly the same problem... i haven't solutions...

Level 3
Has anyone in this thread opened a support ticket yet?

Level 4
I did today

Level 2
Having the exact same problem and have messaged support but everything theyve sent so far hasnt worked. IE disabling windows defender and restarting in safemode.

Level 4
I've already tried everything I could find on the internet but none of that seems to work for me... I really have no idea what else to try

Level 15
Make sure your game library folder is something like E:/RiftApps and NOT inside C:/Program Files or any other Windows protected folder.
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Level 4
Nope... installation failed