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Can't link Cards or Paypal on Quest or Go.

Level 3

When my Debit Card link expired in 2020 I tried to link a new card and have not been able to do so. I've tried linking my new debit card, credit cards and PayPal all with no success. Support made some suggestions and I tried them all. All I can think of now is a complete reinstall but don't want to do that if it is going to make things worse. Has anyone else had this problem and how was it resolved? I'm still in touch with Oculus Support and waiting their reply.

There seem to have been a lot of similar trouble over a year ago but not so many recently and it is not clear what causes the problem. All my other online purchases work perfectly, card or PayPal.

Any solutions or workarounds would be greatly appreciated.


Level 2

Sadly, I can't help you, but I can say that I am in the same situation. I'm trying to buy the Quest 2 headset through Oculus and all I'm getting is: "There was a problem trying to add this credit card. Please try again or use a different payment method."


The card works and is in no way blocked or limited, and this is extra ridiculous since I have previously bought software from Oculus with this exact same card a few months back. This leads me to conclude that their system is simply borked. It's clearly something on their end.

Thanks, it helps to know that others have the same problem. If enough of us pester Oculus they may do something. It can't be that hard to offer some temporary alternative way of paying while they fix things.


Oculus got back to me suggesting I delete a card with a number I did not recognise. Either it is one of my old cards -who remembers old card numbers - or they are getting accounts mixed up.

Assuming it worked after that?


I also got a response from support, and they said everything checked out. Instead they suggested that I contact my bank, which I have... and they also say nothing is wrong. So I ended up having to use Paypal instead, with the higher fees and bad currency conversions associated with that.


It did work, but I'm not too happy about it. The Oculus storefront really could use some work.

Level 3

I just got a Quest 2 and cannot add a payment no matter which process I try (add a card, use Paypal, or use Oculus app). When adding a card it's always "Sorry, we couldn't add your payment method." When trying to use Paypal, I authenticate and choose the bank/card, and press "Agree & Continue" and then the error is "Account Issue -- We couldn't complete the transaction with this account. Please try again with a different Paypal account or with a credit card." I've tried tons of credit cards, and my checking account linked thru Paypal, and nothing works. Even went to my brother's and used his Internet cause I thought it might be mine (I'm experiencing weird connection issues with mine, a whole other fricking issue), but the end result is always the same. Yay

Same here and support was not helpful 

I had to contact support after mine wasn't working and while it took maybe about a week or so for them to figure it out, they did and mine worked afterwards. I'm quite sure it was something to do with my Facebook account, it was internally locked or flagged or something like that.


I don't remember the exact procedure I used though, sorry. I *think* I created a support ticket first, though. I would do that, and keep on them until it works for you. No way I'd spend hundreds of dollars on their product and not have it work.