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Can't log into Oculus App on Any Device

Level 2

When I try to log in to the Oculus app on any of my devices (using my facebook account) I just get a spinning wheel and it never logs me in.


I have no way to connect with my oculus from my phone or other device now, which is a major problem because I am trying to enable developer settings! Please help!


Oculus Community Manager
Oculus Community Manager

Hello, we hate to hear that you are experiencing log in issues. First, let's try rebooting your phone, reinstalling the app, and then enabling location services. If this doesn't work, please feel free to submit a support ticket here for further assistance. 


We're always glad to help! 🙂

Level 2

It seems multiple ppl are having this issue including me, but now we have to submit at ticket and wait days for a reply? Terrible service, obviously there is something wrong on your end.


Level 15

Also may help if you clear your browser cache and reboot your router.

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