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Can’t open long synced videos from my phone

Level 2

I have a 15 minute video that I synced from my quest 2 to my phone but when I try to open the video on my phone, it shows and error symbol and won’t let me watch. I have other 4 minute videos that I can watch but it was just this 15 minute video that won’t load. (It is visible if I watch on oculus but not phone)


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! We see you're having issues viewing one of your videos on your phone. This is a little bothersome. Let's see how we can fix this for you.


We do know that the longer the video, the longer it can take to sync.  Also, do you know if you have enough space for the video?


Let us know!

My video is 28 minutes and the same thing is happening to me 😅 lol i was recording beat saber so it’s probably a lot of gbs. 

I'm having this issue as well, it didn't matter how much space I have or how long I wait, I even factory reset my device (which caused MANY issues and was incredibly inconvenient) but it won't work.  It's an 18 minute video that I need to access so I can post to my gaming accounts.