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Can't pair my phone/tablet to Oculus Quest 2 (Location issue)

Level 3

Since a different post from 2020 didn't get any traction, thought I would create a new thread and link to the old thread -


I received my headset yesterday.

Going through initial setup, Oculus App on the phone does not pair with the headset.

I receive the following message when entering the pair screen on the app - 

"Location Access

Location access is needed to discover and set up nearby headsets, and more. You can learn how Oculus uses your data in Oculus's Privacy Policy" - with a "Next" button.

Pressing Next does nothing. The button blinks and the message stays.
Pressing the main app window makes the message go away.
Pairing just goes on and on without end (keeps circling and no error message or failure appears, it just keeps going).

Tried it on the following devices - 

Galaxy note 3 - Android 5.0

Galaxy note 10.1 Tablet - Andoird 5.1.1


Both devices have location on and permissions for Oculus App to access location.

Please assist.




Level 3

I have the same frustration!  The only way to cast it is through my son’s iPhone.  Kind of ridiculous given technology today…

Hey there,


It can be concerning to not be able to pair your phone app, we understand completely. You can review our mobile app check list to make sure your phone meets the requirements. After you verify that your phone is exemplary, try clearing your Bluetooth cache following the steps below:


  1. Go to the phone’s settings
  2. Go to the Application Manager
  3. Select Bluetooth
  4. Click “Force Stop”
  5. Clear the cache
  6. Restart the phone


If you still run into issues trying to pair your phone and your Quest 2, you can contact our support team for more assistance. One of our incredible agents will help you with your companion app woes!